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What’s Happening with Home Prices?

If you are thinking of selling your home, you may be feeling unsure about what’s happening with home prices and fear whether or not the worst is yet to come. That’s because today’s headlines are painting a very negative picture. Contrary ...

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Are Solar Panels Right for You?

Solar panels have become more popular than ever! With more affordable installation and material costs, many people are installing solar panels on their homes. It might be worth considering if you want to offset some of your energy costs.


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To Buy or Not To Buy

If you're thinking about buying a home, you're likely trying to juggle your needs, current mortgage rates, home prices, your schedule, and more when considering your decision.

If this sounds like you, here's one key factor that could help yo...

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Do You Own a Second Home?

During the pandemic, second homes became increasingly popular - largely because of the rise in work-from-home flexibility. It also allowed people to go on “vacation” safely, having their own private getaway. Owning a second home, especially...

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Aging Issues: Pros and Cons of Assisted Living

If you’re approaching age 65, statistics show that you’ll need assisted living or nursing care soon. And though there are numerous options on how you will live out your golden years, these odds are enough to warrant at least considering the...

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New Home Inspections… Yes or No?

So often I hear "We don't need a home inspection, we are buying a NEW home." When I suggest a professional inspection, I am often met with resistance.... but should you get a new home inspected when you purchase from a new home builder? The ans...

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Multigenerational Housing Arrangements

There are many reasons having a multigenerational household maybe a beneficial arrangement for your family, and it's becoming increasingly popular. To help everyone coexist peacefully, it's helpful to create a space where everyone feels comfor...

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Does Lighting Make a Difference?

This month I wanted to touch on a subject that I think is too often overlooked when it comes to selling (or renting out) a home. The lighting in the property really sets the "mood" for the property, and having the right lighting in the property...

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What Does a Recession Mean for Our Housing Market?

Many people are asking me if they should delay their homeownership plans if there is a recession looming... here is my reasoning for why no one should be afraid of what a recession means for our housing market today.

Home prices don't fall e...

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