When your home is for sale….

1. Keep up the exterior appearance 

Whether you’re still living in the home or not, you’ll want to make sure to keep your landscaping looking good — remove dead tree limbs, rake leaves, and clean out flowerbeds.

If your home is already vacant, have someone tend to the yard regularly so that grass and weeds (or dead plants) don’t detract from your home’s appearance.   Consider having lights on timers so the house doesn’t look dark all the time, and arrange for driveways and walkways to be swept clean weekly.   Also, don’t let mail pile up in the mailbox!

2.Check the roof

This is easy to forget about, even when you don’t plan on going anywhere.  But when it comes to roof issues, neglect can cause a dangerous domino effect.  Small roof cracks and slipped roof tiles can remain undetected for years, causing water to slowly infiltrate your home and cause damage.  Regular roof maintenance is important!  

3.  Service your HVAC

The hidden systems of your home need regular attention, whether you’re still living there or not.  That means having your HVAC system professionally serviced.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you why it’s important to have the air conditioner working properly in the hot Las Vegas summer!   Getting your heater addressed before you list your home in the cooler months will keep it from smelling like dust when you crank up the heat on a chilly day.   You should also have the duct work and filters cleaned.  If you have a chimney, be sure to have it inspected and cleaned.   Setting the thermostat at a reasonable temperature is important - so potential Buyers can be comfortable when looking at your home, and to protect the house itself.

4. Keep the unwanted critters out

If you don’t want to add “family of rats included” to your marketing brochure, inspect the inside and outside of your home for any areas that need to ‘plugged up’.  Take care of holes from damaged siding or fascia under the roofline, and trim shrubs and tree branches away from the house.  Stove and dryer vents should be covered with wire mesh to deter pests.  

5. Wash your windows

Most people associate sparkling windows with spring-cleaning, but if your house is on the market, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is—you need to get your windows squeaky clean.   

6. Keep up on your home maintenance 

No matter what time of year you list your house, you don’t want it to look like no one lives there anymore or that no one cares.    That means tackling tasks such as appropriate landscape care for the season.   Keep the lawnmowed, the weeds pulled, the trees and shrubs trimmed, and the irrigation timer set properly.  Keep the pool clean and pool equipment functional (even in the wintertime).    Staying on top of these regular tasks will make it easier to sell your home with fewer headaches.    Plus, it will preserve the value of your property.

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