What to consider when choosing where to retire

How much is your monthly budget?

Determine how much you’re spending for mortgage payments, car payments, and other recurring bills. You should also keep track of how much are you spending on leisure activities such as dining out, groceries and shopping.     After considering your expenses, take note of all the possible sources of income every month. Once you have these numbers, it’ll be easy for you to come up with a monthly budget which is suitable for your needs and wants.

Where do you want to retire?

Aside from determining how much you can spend in a month, the location of where you want to retire should come next.  You can narrow down your search by looking into locations which have recreational activities and volunteer opportunities for seniors that interest you.  As a retiree, you should always have avenues for physical activities and fun!

How far is the area you are interested in from friends and family?

People who retire usually want to be near their loved ones so they can easily bond and spend time with them.  If you’re currently living in the same town as friends and family, and you want to be near them once you retire, you may want to retire in your current city or a nearby location.  On the other hand, if you want to live far from your friends and family (to finally have some time to yourself), consider moving somewhere near an airport to make visiting easier.  If you’re living far from your friends and family right now and want to move somewhere near them, take time to familiarize yourself with the area. You need to make sure that everything you need is within the proximity.
What health care facilities and services are nearby?

Before moving, look for an area that has convenient healthcare facilities for you. Consider what hospitals and doctors will be available to you.  Do they supply a wide variety of medications for your needs? Do they offer 24/7 medical assistance?  All of these are important for you to maintain your health once you retire.  Also check how your move may affect your healthcare plan.   Often, the healthcare plan you’ll enjoy will be dependent on where you move.

What recreational activities are available?

Being physically active is a necessity for you to live a healthy lifestyle during retirement.  For this reason, your location should support recreational activities of interest to you.   Retirees who love outdoor sports may choose a retirement location which is near a beach or mountain. For retirees who have a green thumb, a location which has gardens or lawns are their best options. Think about the things which you can do in a location – these will keep you physically and mentally sharp as you age.  

 Who will help you with your move?

After deciding where to move, think about “how” you can actually do it. If you’re planning to do everything DIY or with the help of your friends, pack everything ahead of time. Boxes should be carefully labeled. Consider decluttering before the move so you won’t end up bringing items which you no longer use.  If you’re thinking of hiring professionals for the move, scout for moving companies and compare prices ahead of time. Make sure you’ll end up working with a moving company which can give you the service you want within a reasonable price.

Don’t Make a Rash Decision!

If you have been working for decades, retirement may not come easy. This is a stage in your life that will require drastic changes. You’ll have to change your daily routines, and add new activities so you can live a healthier life.   Carefully planning your move will help to make it a pleasant and rewarding experience. Take your time!  

Laura Harbison
Realty Executives Southern Nevada Properties