What Features are Potential Home Buyers looking for?
I am asked all the time what specific features current home buyers are looking for, so I have compiled a list of features that seem to be requested the most these days.   Those popular features are:

1.   Chef's Kitchen / Gourmet Kitchen
2.  Specialized rooms like a Theater Room, Home Gym, or Home Office
3.  3 Car Garage
4.  Solar Panels (owned)
5.  Quartz Countertops (Natural or Engineered)
6.  Exterior Lighting (important for safety)
7.  In-Ground Pool &/or Spa
8.  Security/Alarm System and Smart Home features
9.  Fireplace (yes, even in the desert)
10.  Closet Space - Walk-In Closets

The kitchen remains the most important room in the home, even for those who don't cook!  Features like a large island, a gas cook range, a Sub-Zero refrigerator & freezer, and multiple sinks and ovens are what buyers are looking for.   They want the space to be attractive and inviting, and for the appliances to be "pretty".  The kitchen tends to be the focal point, and gathering space, of the home.

Dedicated specialty rooms are very popular as well, particularly ones with home offices.  The key for a room like this would be natural lighting, such as a window with a view for the desk.  Another popular trend is to have a Mudroom, with space for coats and shoes.   Mudrooms are a great transition space from outdoor to indoor, and are often made more attractive, organized, and functional with wood benches and coat racks.

Larger garages have gained popularity, with the 3 Car Garage often being listed as a "must have."     Buyers are not only looking for a place to park their vehicles, but for extra storage space.  

It's no surprise that security features and home automation features are popular, and now they are easier than ever to install.  Having these features "built-in" is no longer required, as most systems are now wireless.   And timeless features, like a cozy fireplace or a well organized walk-in closet, will never go out of style.

Would you like to know what is happening with the home values for homes like yours?   Call or email me today and I will provide you with detailed information on homes that are currently for sale, and ones that have sold recently for comparison.   Whether or not you are thinking of selling your home, it's always nice to know where you stand.