The Best Real Estate Advice

When being successful in selling your home is important, these pro-tips will help get you to the finish line.

1. Do not overprice your home. Having your home priced correctly from day one is SO important. Sometimes you ask less to get more - pricing correctly and selling quickly because you are positioned correctly in the market will often net you more money in your pocket than starting too high and having to reduce the price several times. No amount of advertising, marketing, or fancy photography will sell a home for more than the market will bear. Market value is determined by what a motivated and qualified buyer will be willing to pay, not what the seller feels it should be worth. Taking the emotion out of it and recognizing that it is a business transaction will help you get through it!

2. Do not neglect necessary home repairs. Most buyers will have a home inspection and may ask you to make certain (non-cosmetic) repairs. Inspecting your home yourself before putting it up for sale and completing the necessary repairs that you find (even though that running toilet may not bother you or the leaky faucet has 'always been that way') will help reduce the risk of the buyer asking for a price reduction - or cancelling their purchase all together because they are scared the home has not been properly maintained.

3. Do not neglect to stage your home. And by that I mean make the beds, do the dishes, make sure there are no items on the floor, etc. Having your home clean and organized is one of the least expensive, and most effective, things you can do to help sell your home for top dollar. Clean and fresh (including fresh smelling) need to be your motto! So tidy up, clean the kitchen and bathrooms, and give Rover a bath too. Your wallet will thank you.

4. Don't get hung up on the small stuff. I have seen more than one sale fail because both parties were insistent that they get (or keep) the ceiling fan or because they feel the other party should pay for the home warranty. In most cases the item is valued at less than $500 (and I have mediated standoffs over items literally under $10 - both parties stating "principal" as their reason for their position). Don''t let your emotions prevent you from completing your transaction.

5. Not giving Buyers easy access or insisting on accompanied showings can hurt you. Don't make the Buyers work around your ideal schedule. If it's a reasonable time of day, let them look. Even if they don't give you the requested notice or you feel your home is in disarray, STILL let them look. You can never get back lost opportunity - they may find something else to buy and never make it back to your home. A home purchase is an emotional transaction - the Buyers need to feel comfortable and be able to speak openly with their agent. Buyers are often uncomfortable if the Seller or the Seller's Agent are present, which can detract attention from your home. Make sure that your agent puts together a good brochure that points out all of the positive features of your home and community that the Buyer can take with them and let the Buyers look at your home on their own terms.

If you would like an honest opinion of the current market value of your home, please call or email me today. I will provide you with the information that you need.