Recognized as one of the top ten best selling communities in the United States, Summerlin is an outdoorsperson’s dream brought to life.

In close proximity to Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, this 22,500 acre community was developed by The Howard Hughes Corporation, named after Hughes’ grandmother; Jean Amelia Summerlin.

Here, a population of nearly 100,000 enjoy themselves with over 150 parks, which include soccer fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, plus swimming pools! Getting to all these places is made easy with a bike lanes being made available on a number of major roads.

Residents can bike nearly everywhere in Summerlin, including to a number of their shopping centers, such as Canyon Pointe, Center Pointe Plaza, Covington Cross Center, and many more.

Summerlin’s land offers many uses to its guests and residents. Residential, commercial, recreational, educational, medical, cultural, and the abundance of open space allows families and friends to enjoy themselves in Summerlin North, Sun City Summerlin, Summerlin South, Siena, and Summerlin West.

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