Selling a house? Some extra LUCK may help!
Everyone knows that success in selling your property depends on many factors, including choosing the right Real Estate Broker, the condition and location of the property, and the current market conditions.   How your property is presented to potential buyers is, of course of paramount importance, so how and WHERE your property is advertised is not to be overlooked!    

Some homeowners look for divine intervention to increase their "luck", asking St. Joseph to assist them in attracting a qualified buyer to their property.   This practice involves "planting" a small St. Joseph statue, upside down, in the front yard of the home (or in a pot of soil if you live in a condo) while simultaneously asking for some divine intervention.   The statue must also be dug up once the house sells, and taken with the owner to their new residence where it will be kept in a place of honor.

Known for his work with wood, St. Joseph is rumored to bring good luck to anyone who wants to sell their home quickly (and for a good price!)   The tradition goes back to the Middle Ages, when an order of European nuns  supposedly buried a medal of the carpenter-turned-saint on a piece of land they hoped to acquire.  The nuns asked St. Joseph to intervene, and soon thereafter the land owner agreed to sell them the property.  Other stories claim that German carpenters would bury a statue of St. Joseph in the foundation of buildings they built, asking the saint to protect the structure.

The tradition of burying a St. Joseph statue to speed up the sale of a home became popular in the mid-1980's.  Many homeowners have credited the success of their home sale to St. Joseph, and this luck-attracting tradition remains popular today among Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Does it work?   Many swear by it, including the Catholic priests that I sold a local rectory for years ago.   The home wasn't selling, so one of the priests buried a St. Joseph statue in the front yard of the home, and within 3 weeks I had the home in escrow at the asking price.   Since then, I always have a statue on hand for any client that wishes to give it a try!

Laura Harbison
Realty Executives Southern Nevada Properties