Say no to Burglars!

Home burglary generally has a pattern; criminals are looking for an easy target. Here are six tips from career burglars you can use to help  prevent break-ins.

1. Nighttime Burglaries Aren’t the Most Common

Burglars like to break into homes during daytime hours—the last thing criminals want is to encounter someone at home. Weekdays are ideal for thieves, since weekend schedules are too unpredictable. Between 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. is the most common timeframe because there’s a good chance people will be away at work or school.

2. They Know When You’re Not Home—Thanks to Social Media

While it’s tempting to post about your vacation to your social media feed, wait to share those trip photos and exotic location check-ins until you’re back home. Criminals scout public social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Foursquare to find victims.   Even if all your accounts are private, never post what times you’re not home or how long you’ll be out.

3. They Don’t Like Your Security Practices

Burglars want nothing to do with alarm systems. Homes without a security system are almost 300 percent more likely to be targeted for a break-in.  If you do install an alarm system, make sure you guard it with a strong code.  Clean any dirt or grease off your keypad so a burglar won’t guess your code based off the numbers you’ve hit the most. Unlocked windows, unused deadbolts, poorly lit homes, and residences without security systems are prime targets for burglars, so make sure you are using the security features you already have.

4. Great Targets Advertise Their Weapons

If you’re a proud gun owner, that won’t scare away burglars—it entices them.  A gun is stolen roughly every two minutes in the U.S., so homeowners should be sure to always lock up your guns properly.  

5. Shrubs Make Great Hiding Spots

Tall bushes are favorites of burglars since they offer an obstructed view from the street and an easy way to hide from neighbors. Keep shrubs and large landscaping features trimmed. If you want big plants by your windows, choose something thorny that will detract a burglar, like roses or cacti.  The best defense is a clear view of your front porch.

6. Valuables in the Open Help Them Decide on a Target

Keep your expensive items out of sight.  Don’t leave a new Laptop in front of your first-floor kitchen window, iPads on your living room coffee table, or even a nice car in a garage window with a clear sight line to the street. Key hooks—especially with labels for each key—need to be concealed out of view from windows, too.  Mail or other personal information left in plain view is a gold mine for a criminal looking to easily steal your details for identity theft as well.

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