Downsizing Your Home in Retirement: Stress-Saving Tips

Downsizing is an excellent way to simplify life after retirement. Moving into a smaller home means less cleaning, maintenance, and yard work. You’ll have less stress and more time for the things that matter. And you’ll be able to save some money too! Since the downsizing process can be stressful, it’s important to plan ahead and stay organized. Here are some tips from Laura Harbison Real Estate to help you navigate each step of the downsizing process.

Decluttering and Downsizing Your Things

Sorting through your belongings and getting rid of stuff you no longer need is the most time-consuming part of downsizing. suggests asking friends and family if they would be interested in any of your things before you start decluttering. This should reduce some of the work ahead. Next, identify items you really love and cherish. Pack all of these into a box. As you sort through the rest of your things, create piles to gift, sell, donate, or trash. Tackling your home room-by-room is a good way to stay organized throughout the process.

Finding Local Storage Solutions

If you want to keep more belongings than will fit in your downsized home, consider renting a local storage unit. This is also a good solution for storing your belongings during your move. Research nearby self-storage facilities and try to find the best rates for the size you need. Online marketplaces for moving and storage make it easy to compare prices and find deals. For example, accessing storage units in the Las Vegas area costs an average of $123.37 per month.

Tips for Efficient Packing

When it comes to packing your things, stick to a plan. Label your boxes carefully and avoid packing things from different rooms in the same box. Pack early, so you have nothing left to box up on moving day. When you’re working with movers, let them know which boxes you need in your new home first so they can load these onto the truck last. You’ll also want to use a variety of box sizes to pack your possessions, with heavier things in smaller boxes and vice versa.

Planning a Stress-Free Move

Sticking to a detailed moving checklist can help you avoid stress. According to, your moving preparations should start at least three months from your move date. Remember to research moving services, plan your future furniture placement, make travel arrangements, and notify all the businesses and organizations that need to know about your change of address.

Selling Your Home

Downsizing also involves selling your current home. Making a few upgrades before listing your home may be a good idea if you’re competing with a lot of other sellers. Research which home improvement projects are likely to pay off by increasing the value of your home. Simple, inexpensive upgrades like installing a kitchen backsplash and adding outdoor lighting will give you the most bang for your buck!

Selling Your Business

If you own a local business, it might be a good idea to sell before moving somewhere new. Prepare your business for sale by having a business valuation done. A professional business valuator will bring an objective perspective to your business and calculate a realistic asking price for your business, along with its assets and inventory. If possible, try to sell your business while it’s growing and revenue is climbing. This will show buyers that you’re selling out of a place of stability rather than desperation.

Downsizing is a rewarding process that can improve your golden years in many ways. If you’d like to live in a smaller space, get started on the downsizing process right away. Make a plan to sell your home and business, look for local storage solutions, and come up with an efficient decluttering and packing plan.

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