Concrete Tile Roof Maintenance

A concrete tile roof is often referred to as a "50 year roof". They can last a very long time, but they are not maintenance free!  Periodic maintenance needs to be performed to keep the roof in a sound and leak-free condition.

The most common cause for damage to tile roofing is the wind. The wind gets under the tiles causing them to move, chip, and crack, or it can even move the tiles out of proper position.  The majority of the roof tiles are held in place with only one nail.  However, the tiles do very little to keep moisture out of the home.  A roll of felt paper or "felt", (as it is known in the building industry) that is located under the tiles is what actually repels water, and the tile protects the felt.

Without the concrete tiles installed over the felt, the felt would be exposed to direct sunlight which carries strong ultraviolet rays. UV rays cause the petroleum in the felt to evaporate. When the felt dries out from prolonged exposure to UV rays the felt then loses its ability to repel water and the potential for a leak is high. Concrete tile protects and insulates the felt so that it lasts longer.

Most homeowners never do the required recurring maintenance associated with a tile roof.  It is extremely common to find cracked or missing tiles or tiles out of proper position, and this shouldn't be ignored.   Additionally, it is extremely important that this maintenance be performed only by a licensed and qualified Roofing Contractor.  The workmanship the contractor provides carries with it a statutory warranty of one year.

When a roofing contractor is hired, the contractor should be directed to review the entire roof and all associated components and correct as needed to restore the roof to a normal, sound condition.  There are areas of the roof where vent pipes for plumbing, the furnace, the water heater, bathroom and laundry room fans penetrate the roof. These penetrations are sealed with mineral flashing, which is petroleum impregnated and repels water - just like felt. The mineral flashing is often exposed to direct ultraviolet rays from the sun and needs to be renewed periodically. Painting the mineral flashing once it has dried will help protect it from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, so it will last longer.

When less than 25% of the face of the tile is cracked, the tile does not require replacement and can be repaired with a cement epoxy.  It is important that the Roofing Contractor provide an assessment of any felt that has been exposed to ultraviolet rays, and if the felt has been damaged then a section of the roof tiles may need to be lifted in order to replace the damaged felt and restore the roof to a sound condition.

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